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Welcome to
Murder & Magic : Cluedo & Clue

Last Updated: 9th September 2001
(Established: 8th September 1997)

This site is a collection of eveything in the world to do with the classic detective board game Cluedo or Clue. There are guides to the British, Australian, French and Swedish television series, a huge guide to most of the available Cluedo and Clue merchandise (this is constantly being improved), international comparisons, media, rules, links to other sites and MOST IMPORTANTLY:
The Cluedo Murder Mysteries
Check out below for what's here so far ...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not take or reproduce any content or images from this site without gaining the site owner's permission - e-mail

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Pick of the News:
NEW (9/8/01): It's the day after Murder & Magic: Cluedo & Clue's FOURTH birthday and we also reached 50,000 hits a couple of weeks ago! Today I tick two more things off the TO DO list: The International and the Czech Republic Cards pages are updated with the correct accents for the czech words (see note 5 on the international page) with thanks to Petr Cupal. Also, I've created some Cluedo themed mouse Cursors (Windows only) in the newly created FUN section.

NEW (25/8/01): Tudor Close has moved location to Link updated.

NEW (12/8/01): Working my way through the ever growing TO DO list - Merchandise Guide receives the new Cluedo Junior Detective game; and the rules section gets both the Jr. Detective and Junior Cluedo rules.

NEW (31/7/01): Today I start working on a long backlog of updates for the site. The Miss Scarlett page finally appears and episode 1.3 in the UK Guide gets a classic quote and a fistful of images. Also, I have replaced the guestbook with a new version from Dreambook due to yahoo's guestbook cutting people off.

    1. The Game
    2. Cluedo & Clue Frequently Asked Questions - Fist stop to answer you Cluedo queries.

      Game Overview - A brief history of the game.
      Text from Cluedo Master Detective; provided by "The CLUEDO Page"

      1943, 1946 or 1949? When was Cluedo born? You decide.

      UK Cluedo 2000 Information on the newest UK version of the game.

      Passport to Murder (Fr. : Passport pour Meurtre) A new version of the game that is set in a railway station in Istanbul.

      International Cluedo/Clue Characters, weapons and locations from Cluedo/Clue around the world; with links to card images.
      Help! If anyone can add to the list, correct anything, confirm things with question marks, translate names or send me scanned pictures of foreign cards then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me (

    3. Cluedo TV Series
    4. Overview of the UK Cluedo series (which has been nicked by a few other sites - but this version has a couple of corrections that aren't in the other vesions).

      Media Page - Images, Sounds and eventually Movie Clips from the British and Australian shows.

      UK episode guide

      Australian episode guide

      French episode guide

      Swedish episode guide

      Clip of the month

    5. Cluedo TV Series Characters
    6. Guides to each of the actors and actresses playing the parts of the suspects in the British TV series. Comments, ratings, pictures and IMDB links galore!

      Mrs. Peacock

      Miss Scarlett

      Mrs. White

    7. Clue - The Movie

    8. Undoubtedly (well in my opion anyway) one of the best movies ever created; and also one of the main reasons why I'm such a Clue(do) fan. This area has lots of pictures and quotes from the movie as well as cast list. Also check out the press release for the new DVD.

      Clue - The Movie Guide

      Clip of the month

      Clue DVD press release

    9. A Guide To Cluedo Merchandise
    10. Cluedo Merchandise Guide
      The most detailed list of Cluedo / Clue merchandise around.
      Thanks to everyone who has helped me put this together.
      If you know of an item not on the list, please e-mail me (

    11. Cluedo Rules

    12. A lot of people couldn't find the rules to the different games, so I've put them together here :

      Original Cluedo Rules (1996 Version) - Use this if you are looking for the rules to Clue.

      Super Cluedo Challenge Rules

      Cluedo Super Sleuth Rules (Version 403M09)

      Clue: The Great Museum Caper Rules

      Junior Cluedo

      Cluedo Junior Detective

      Cluedo Card Game

    13. The Cluedo Murder Mysteries
    14. SYNOPSIS : Along the same lines as the telly show ( see above ) a murder mystery will be presented to you in which someone will be killed - and you've got to guess whodunnit, with what and where . Once you've read the story, you can read the suspects' testimonies and their answers to the questions Inspector Grey has posed them.

      When you think you know the answer, you can click on a person, a weapon and a place; and you will be told how many you got right. Try to make as few guesses as you can - it will spoil your enjoyment if you just make random guesses. Take your time digesting the evidence. Think about who could have done it, how, where and why; how weapons got to where they are and where the deceased moved to. It may help to map out the movements of the characters and the weapons on a print out of the map; or better still, if you have the board game, use the counters to plot the movement.

      GOOD LUCK.

      Mystery No. 1 : The Pains of Love

      Mystery No. 2 : A Rose Between Two Thorns

      Mystery No. 3 : Ring of Deceit

      Mystery No. 4 : Party of Sorrows

      Mystery No. 5 : The Black Riddle

      Mystery No. 6 : Stranger Than Fiction NEW!

      (Warning the above mysteries require Netscape3, IE3 or better for best play; they also require a browser capable of displaying frames - sorry WebTV people)

    15. Fun !!!
    16. While away hours (or at least a few minutes) with these Cluedo themed games and items.

      Cluedo Deductions No. 1 Stretch your powers of deduction so that you can become an expert Cluedo player with these mind bending puzzles.

      Cluedo On-Line Deduction Game Have many hours of fun trying to discover the murder cards before you run out of guesses. Any of 324 different solution every time! (Version 4 browsers and above only!)

      Cursors Throw aside that boring arrow and egg-timer and replace them with Cluedo themed cursors!

    17. Links to other sites
    18. If you know of any other related sites then e-mail me

      The Official Hasbro Website

      The World of Clue - Extremely good Clue fan site with Clue merchandise lists and in depth character bios. TOP LINK!

      Tudor Close - Solve more Clue mysteries at this fab new website.

      Foul Play - Good site with images of the different game boards, downloadable notepads and rules. - Play Clue(do) online!

      The Expert Cluedo / Clue system - A special notepad to use in your games and hints on gameplay.

      MysteryNet Clue Chronicles - Online prequel to the Fatal Illusion game plus a good discussion board if you get stuck with the computer game (hint - use the search facility).

      Clue Central - Lots of Clue - The Movie information.

      Clue Guide - Clue fan site with info on most of the variations of the game.

      Clue Fan Fiction - New Clue fan fiction site.

      Clue: A Computer Game & A VCR Game - Another new Clue fan site with a downloadable "Clue Master Detective" game.

      Parkeerbonnen - Dutch site with downloadable Dutch and English versions of Cluedo.

      Clue Deluxe - Cool interactive Clue murder mystery; and if you own a Mac there are loads of extra Clue mysteries. If anyone knows how I as a non Mac owner can play them, please tell me !

      Top100 Game Sites - The top 100 games and software sites on the web (click to vote for me at the same time!)

      The Mysterious Home Page - Hundreds upon Hundreds of Murder Mystery related links.

      Krimi - Database of everything to do with crime - movies, books and more.

      Boardgames Start4all - Dutch website with tonnes of boardgame related links - in English. - Dutch website with tonnes of boardgame related links - in Dutch.

      GameSpot - Review of Clue, and further links.

      The Case - Murder mysteries every week.

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